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Our Goats

When we moved to the farm, we first got chickens and then branched into an animal I've always wanted -- goats!  When we started in goats, we only had basic knowledge, though we have quickly learned much about goat care, husbandry, and medical.  We now are confident in giving our own vaccines and trimming our own hooves!

Here at Kailey Acres Farm, we raise Nigerian Dwarf goats.  While we currently have some grade (un-registered) goats, we are making efforts to only add registered goats to our herd going forward, so that we can track their lineage and improve the next generation of goats.  

We keep these goats both as pets and as a source of goat milk for us and for our animals!  And of course... they're just fun to own and have as pets!

Doelings / Does

Sometimes I think we have more goats than we know what to do with, and that is definitely true of the does and doelings!  (Looking for some for sale?  Check out our Available page)

First up, we have the first goat we ever brought home.  Introducing:

ADGA Hoo-Will Farm Raven

known around here as "Raven"

Bucklings / Bucks

At the current point in time, we have no bucks / bucklings that we are keeping in our herd.

Looking for one?  Check out our Available page.


"Ivy" is an unregistered pygmy doe.


"Kitty" is an un-registered Nigerian Dwarf doeling.



ADGA Eko-Lane Atlas Licorice Jaina

known around the farm as "Jaina" 

is our newest addition to the herd! 

She is our "farm puppy" and will follow us everywhere! 

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