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Heritage Turkeys

...and other poultry!

First thing we did upon getting the farm was to get some chickens!  I'd always had my kitchen done up in chicken decor, and I'd always wanted some of my own... just I lived in areas where this wasn't possible.  Here, though, it was something we could do!  So, we got some chickens!  

A bit after we'd brought home some chicks, we visited some of Mike's friends who had heritage turkeys.  We never would have guessed that we liked turkeys, but shortly after that, we came home with what we like to call "turk-lets" -- and now we have quite a few different varieties of heritage turkeys here on the farm.

Do we sell our chicken eggs?

We do! 


Our chickens are free-range.  They are fed a bit of chicken mix to keep them tied over, but they are primarily our on the pasture, so our eggs are considered "pasture-raised free-range eggs."  Our chicken eggs are for sale for $5 per dozen.  They are available either washed (need to be kept in the fridge) or unwashed (can stay on the counter).

Click through the pics below to see some of our turkeys and chickens! 

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