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About Us!

Welcome to Our Farm!

Living the Farm Life Since 2021





Welcome to Kailey Acres Farm!  We are always happy to

meet other people!  We moved to and established Kailey Acres Farm in 2021, so our journey is just beginning!  

We are quickly learning what farm life is all about -- hard work, always something to do, and always something needing fixed!  But the animals and farm life are worth it!  

We now have upwards of 60 chickens, 30-something goats, 15+ turkeys, a handful of guinea fowl... and this isn't even counting the dogs and small animals!

We can yak your ear off about the farm life and the farm animals, feel free to send us a message, we'd love to talk to you!  

-- Mike & Ashley & Kailey (woof woof)


Our Story

Local Family Farm

Kailey Acres Farm was named for my very first dog, a shetland sheepdog, named, you guessed it -- Kailey.  She's enjoying the farm life with us, though at 14 years old, she doesn't leave the house much!  

Kailey Acres Farm is a family farm on 11.5 acres situated 3 miles north of the town of Wolcott, Indiana (about 30 minutes north of Lafayette).  

This farm used to be a show-pig farm.  Prior to our purchase, the farm was *almost* sold to the local university, to become a work site for their animal sciences program.  Thankfully, we were able to purchase it and keep it owned by a small family instead of a big corporation.  You don't see properties like this go up for sale very often!  We were very lucky to be able to snatch up this opportunity! 

IMG_6212 (1).JPG

*our first time on the (originally) bio-secure pig farm*


*our first

Along with our farm animals, we have the requisite "barn cat."  If you come by the farm, you will undoubtedly meet him.  He will proceed to love on you, and purr like he's never received attention in his life, and you'll want to take him home (sorry, he needs to stay here with us!). 


Introducing, the infamous Mr. Cuddles!

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